Relaxation Tips For Dealing With A Roadside Emergency

Having your vehicle break down by the side of the road is one of the most stressful situations that you can face as a driver. Not only does it mess up your day's schedule, but it can leave you anxious and shaken up. However, to be able to come up with a sound plan, you need to remain calm and collected throughout the situation, especially if you find yourself in a roadside emergency at night. Here are useful tips that can help you stay calm and relaxed as you find a way to get your vehicle back on the road.

Remain inside your car

When they face a roadside emergency, many people tend to leave their vehicles and pace around as they try to find a solution. Unless you intend to flag down another driver to help you out, pacing around will only get you more anxious and worked up. Also, if you are stuck during the night or in a remote location, you can attract the attention of car burglars and risk losing your valuables.

If you can't fix the problem with your vehicle or get help from a driver, remain inside your car and make sure that the doors are locked. Use flares and other warning signs to notify oncoming traffic of your presence. While inside the car, you can dial your tow company, or if you don't have one, contact a friend or relative who can help you out.

Try tactical breathing

Some people get nervous when they find themselves in high-stress and high-risk situations. Tactical breathing can help you calm down, control your breathing, and manage the stress. In this technique, you take in deep breaths and release them gradually until you are completely relaxed. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Sit in an upright position and take a long deep breath through your nose.
  • Hold the breath for a few seconds, say three to four.
  • Gradually release the breath through your mouth, and let your shoulders relax as you do so.

Repeat the three steps until you can feel your heart rate slowing down to normal and you mind relaxing.

Contact a towing company

Having a towing company that you can call in an emergency can help you remain calm after a vehicle breakdown. However, if you don't have one at hand, you can quickly scan the internet for a reputed one within your area. Alternatively, you can call a friend and ask for a referral. After you get help, remember to find a good tow company that you can always call in case of another emergency in the future.

These tips will help you maintain a calm state of body and mind after a car breakdown so that you can find necessary help and get back on the road.

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