4 Other Transport Services You Can Enjoy From Towing Companies

When most people see towing vehicles, they only think about the towing service offered by these companies. However, unknown to many, towing companies offer more than just towing services. A lot of them also provide other transport related services as well. Below, learn what these other services are. You just might be in need of some of them. 

Tracking services Some towing companies also offer tracking services. This entails the installation of tracking equipment, remote tracking of clients' vehicles when lost, as well as physical searching when needed. This is all accompanied by towing upon recovery of vehicles in question. If your vehicle does not have a tracking device, you can ask a towing company for their help. In turn, you might enjoy after-sale discounts on tracking support or vehicle recovery services.

Roadside assistance Many towing companies also offer roadside assistance. Roadside assistance refers to the entire group of services offered to stranded vehicles. Towing is just one of them. That said, many towing companies offer the other roadside assistance services. These include fuel provision, small mechanical repairs, tyre replacement, tyre inflation, battery jump-start, and a few others. Luckily, you do not need to subscribe to this service; you can simply call up a tow company and ask for roadside assistance. 

Logistic support You can also count on a towing company for logistic support if you're on the road and need information. Because tow vehicle operators are always on the road, they are best placed to provide logistic support services. This includes the dissemination of crucial information such as weather, road condition, traffic jams, travel routes, fuelling stations, traffic accidents, etc. This service is ideal for cargo, courier and passenger transport vehicles that are often on the road.

Fleet management Some tow transport companies also offer fleet management services. Here, companies with fleets of vehicles enjoy numerous services such as those already mentioned above: towing, tracking, roadside assistance, and logistic support. In addition to this, some may offer other mechanical services such as repairs, inspections, and maintenance. Towing companies that offer these mechanical services often have fully-fledged auto service outlets handling the said work for their clients. The outlets could be owned by the tow company or they could be an affiliate company. 

Note that not all towing companies will offer all the transport services listed above. However, many do offer many of these services because they are closely related to their core function, which is towing.  

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