Two Mistakes People Make When They Need to Get Their Broken-Down Vehicles Towed

Below are a couple of the mistakes some drivers make when they need to get their malfunctioning vehicles towed.

Not disclosing that their vehicle is stuck in a ditch or in deep mud when booking the towing service

Many drivers in these circumstances are far too vague when describing the position of their vehicle to the towing company on the phone. For example, if their car slid into the bottom of a ditch or got stuck in a very muddy road, then this is something that they should mention when booking the tow truck.

The reason for this is as follows; if, for example, the vehicle's tyres have completely sunk into some mud and are barely turning when the driver tries to accelerate, then the towing company will need to know this, as they may need to use a bigger tow truck with an extremely powerful engine, as well as a very heavy-duty towing chain, to pull the vehicle out of the mud. The same would be true if the vehicle were stuck in a deep ditch.

As such, if the vehicle owner doesn't mention these details, the tow truck driver might struggle to rescue the vehicle in a timely manner. They might even have to call their employer and request additional towing equipment or a bigger tow truck, all of which could take a long time and complicate the towing process.

Not utilising the time they spend waiting for the tow truck

Some drivers who use towing services also tend not to utilise the time they have to spend waiting for the tow truck. For example, if the driver in this scenario knows what broken car part they need to have replaced, they could use this time to shop around for the part they require and arrange for it to be delivered to the automotive garage that they plan to have their vehicle towed to. On a similar note, they could also use this time to look for a mechanic whose garage is located close to their home so that they can easily collect their vehicle when it's been repaired.

Last but not least, they could make sure that they remove any important items from their vehicle (such as their work laptop, their wallet, etc.) that they will need whilst the vehicle is being repaired at a garage. Using this time wisely will mean that the tow truck driver won't have to wait for them to, for example, decide which garage they want their vehicle sent to.

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