Why Towing Startups Should First Invest in Flatbed Tow Trucks

According to recent statistics, the towing services industry will have a 2% revenue increase during the 2021-22 financial year. Therefore, if you have been mulling over the idea of starting a towing services business, now is the right time. However, since you need a tow truck to start service provision, you need to think carefully about the type of truck to buy. Although there are different tow truck models to choose from, the flatbed design is recommended for startup towing services. Here is why.


The towing services industry is highly competitive; hence, efficiency is crucial for success. Since most towing startups have limited funds to invest in various tow trucks, it is advisable to choose a versatile model. Flatbed tow trucks are perhaps the most versatile in the industry, making them popular with startups. For instance, flatbed tow trucks can load various car types, which goes a long way in serving as many customers as possible. Besides, flatbed tow trucks are the only model that can load trucks, classic and exotic cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and virtually any car that can fit on the platform. Moreover, flatbed tow trucks can easily transport highly damaged vehicles. Conversely, other tow trucks often struggle with transporting disfigured vehicles. Therefore, purchase a flatbed tow truck if you want a high ROI (return on investment).


Safety is critical in the towing services industry, and failure to observe safety measures can damage the vehicle being towed. Therefore, tow operators must be vigilant, especially when towing vehicles by hoisting the front wheel off the ground. Not only does an operator have to look out for potholes and obstacles, but they must also be careful when braking to avoid the effects of inertia on a tow truck. A flatbed tow truck offers unrivalled safety benefits compared to other models. Notably, an entire car is loaded on a flatbed, making a tow truck and the vehicle a single unit, not two. It means that you do not have to worry about significant damages resulting from bumpy or rough terrain.

Simple Operation

Finding an experienced tow truck operator willing to work for a startup with one or two tow trucks can be challenging. Consequently, most businesses go for an inexperienced but qualified tow truck operator who has just graduated from a trade school. Due to their inexperience in the industry, startup towing companies should start with easy-to-operate tow trucks. Flatbed tow trucks are arguably the easiest model to operate since all an operator needs to do is drive a car up a ramp secure it in place on a flatbed. They don't have to worry about removing the driveshaft or performing complex procedures.

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